Your Best Element


If we would have to define ourselves in one phrase, you know what we are going to say, yes, you got it! We are Brand Chemistry. But we want to share a little bit more about us with you, now that we are getting to know each other.

Elemento is the marketing agency that creates a chemical reaction for costumers. We have the formula to help clients translate their brand into the expanding multicultural market in the U.S. In that way, we ensure their products, services and business remain relevant. In our laboratory we experiment with the most fundamental components, we mix Content Strategy, Creative Design, Experiential Marketing and Event Production.

Our scientific team is composed with expert art directors, designers, copywriters, producers, editors and just creative minds willing to achieve a tangible marketing connection. To produce the best effect, we build a concept from Copywriting that goes through the process of a radioactive Brand Strategy, to get to a Digital Engagement, and finally be transformed into a viral Dynamic Activation.

Do you want to make your own experiment? Start by choosing the best Element. We are your best Element.

Ivan Lopez